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I sadly say goodbye to Mollie
After she had painfully left our world,
There is no sense only melancholy
As hate at her was hurled.
An undocumented murdered her they screamed
He overpowered her with his brawn,
Evil must not ever be accepted and redeemed
Hate and sin must not ever carry-on.
A person should never be judged by their race
I like other vigorous writers am a polemicist,
Horror and venom can appear on anyone's face
Think! Is every white male a racist and a supremacist.
She was viciously murdered, sad but true
Those facts will always prevail,
But, it wasn't just an undocumented who did pursue
She was murdered, by a macho male.

Randy L. McClave

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Very well-written, Randy. I had considered writing a poem when we learnt that America's sweetheart had been found murdered, but controversial issues must be worded carefully or you risk offending someone on either side. Someone very dear to me who is Hispanic, said of her predator and killer, 'He was just a bad apple.' And he was. And Mollie wasn't doing anything wrong- - just jogging. You handled the content well!