KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)


I cry today... Like a waterfall
My restraint has been awakened
I miss you so... You were my everything
My friend...My confidante...My saving Grace
I am remembering... all your knowledge
Trying to groom me... To be ready to accept
The pain that would come... With losing you
I remember your face.. Your laugh... Your tears
You had every emotion... You earned every thought
I wish I could be... Half of what you showed you were
To your children and your friends
Your strength and wisdom is beyond reason
I hear you still and feel your presence
I only can hope that you are finally free
Of all of the encumbrances life placed on you...
You barely let on any of your burdens
You only made yourself go on...
I will live the rest of my life
Keeping you close to my heart
Using your guidance and courage
To direct me and guide me and my actions....
I love you Mom... I hope you know this
I hope you know that even when you thought
I wasn't listening...
It is all coming back to me know like thunder...
You were my Best Friend Mom
There will never be another as Great as you
I see that you are smiling...
I hope that your new journeys in Heaven
Are peaceful and happy
And that you find joy and comfort
Knowing that your voice was loud and clear
And you are Free
As Glorious as you were here on Earth
Holding the hand of God and your loved ones
And sending us small photos in our dreams
Of what is yet to come....

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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A wonderful tribute to all mothers.............................loving lines