LS (6/7/91 / Casa Grande)


mom every year I wrote you
a letter to tell you
how much I loved you
I want you to know how much
I go through everyday
living with people I don't know
but to be honest there is alot of people that take good care of me
and help me everyday as if they were my own parents.
but I look for you everyday
I hope to bump in to you one day to the store
or even when i'm out the door
I look to you out the window as if I was a little kid waving good-bye
but when there is nobody to wave to you have to say hi
I wonder when I will find you or if I ever do
but mom you really don't know how much I go through without you.
I look to the stars because I don't know if your gone but if you are
I hope I am making you pround no matter where you are.
everyday I hope your in my reach
to teach me another lesson
or to know if you even care

by leticia starkey

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The last line is a sad one. Of course she would be proud of you. And most important, you should be proud of yourself. Look, you're here writing poetry that we all are reading. Thanks.