AM (June 27th 1990 / New Orleans)

Mom Dont Cry

Mom please dont cry
I'm beggin you, please dry your tears
I'm still with you
you still have your little girl
I'm not leaving no where
Believe me, I'm still with you and my sisters
you guys are my life
I may be getting older, but I'm still mama's little girl
I'm not leaving no where because I didn't get the chance to say I Love You to you or to my sisters, but most of all I'm not ready to go
I'm gonna show my sisters the right path
me leaving is not the right path
hearing you cry in the next room next to me
my pain is with you
I'll cry with you
who would want their little girl to go what I go through?
I had a rough child hood and now this!
mom, you see u haven't left than
I'm not leaving now
because I have a back bone
I'm strong
I know that there times alot of people didnt think i was gonna make it
well me and my body prove them wrong
thats because I have you and my sisters by myside
we all prove them wrong together! ! !

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hey as you know i like this poem because i tell you i like it everyday i am just saying it again so the world the world can hear it i love thiis poem! ! ! smiles i love you poetic vibe