Much more than the souls of animate,
much more than the souls of inanimate,
of all stars, stones and supernova,
it is the momemt,
intangible, invisible moment
that was alive when you were alive
that encapsules all the above
in its womb,
that will speak out,
time past will speak out,
when all others fall silent and go home

by Upendra Majhi

Comments (2)

Awesome poetry. What matters is the present. Past is gone and future is uncertain.Living life to the full is the only option. Deeply philosophical write with a message of living life to the fullest.10+++
Lifestyle is amazingly presented in this deeply philosophical poem that carries your interesting observation on life. Souls of animate and souls of inanimate do miracle with matters of perceptional moment visibly or invisibly. Time speaks about encapsulation. Amazing sharing! ..10