BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Moment In Time-Beauty In Motion Seldom Seen

The sun glistened on the multi-hued wings like drops of water reflecting off a stained glass window. Rising higher and higher, shooting rays of light in all directions, the wing streaks. Quicker then the eye can see, the delicate wing reaches its crest, shining for all the world like a priceless gem.

The grace of movement in the simplest lifting of that fiber thin wing out matches any human construct. The young dragonfly flaunts his beauty briefly for the benefit of the world, before he continues his movement.
Soaring down, faster than a human can run, the work of art descends, seemly fast enough to disperse the rays of light that were formed on its ascension.

The light fades as the dragonflies body blots out the sun, depriving the world of beauty only momentarily. The rainbow-stained wing is not worried, for it knows it will get its chance to shine again.

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Absolutely beatiful You describe this moment as I wish to remember every single one of mine. Really beautiful Never stop writing, promise me that