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Momentary Contact With This Slight Inconvenience
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Momentary Contact With This Slight Inconvenience

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

With trillions of dollars in debt.
There are still some people,
Who are hopeful...
The price of gas will lower below a dollar.
A loaf of bread,
Will be twenty five cents again.
A push cart will be full of groceries...
For less than twenty dollars.
And what is being experienced now,
Is not a crisis!
It's a temporary slugfest...
With someone bashing them over the head,
With a ton of bricks.
This 'momentary' contact with this slight 'inconvenience'
Is being addressed and will be taken care of...
As soon as it becomes recognized as a severe condition!

And folks are hopeful these sentiments expressed,
Are being made in the utmost of honesty!
Their lifestyles will return them to Utopia!

I sure hope so.
We must not accept negative thinking!
You know how that can play tricks on the mind?
Better times are coming back.
The gasoline is 'almost' below four dollars now! '

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i like the title of the poem... its awesome.. really awesome..