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Momentary Sunrise
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Momentary Sunrise

Poem By AHO Speaks

Momentary Sunrise

The keyboard is touched and the sound comes alive
Clouds carrying their gifts to enable us to survive
The molten lava protrudes from beneath the sky
A pulsating orange and a golden ball; for you and I.

Its light so pure above the gray
Certainly another beautiful moment at the 'Cay'
Does the light pull the sun above as its will to be done
Or is the beauty and majesty always one?

No greater gift can I ever receive
As to see the purity of the light never to deceive
The light has no containment as the sun
It is the intense focus of being one.

I feel as the astronauts in outer space
That earth truly has a; portion of Gods face
What I see is given to you and me
What I feel is within; you see.

Not magical but only wonder
The golden sun along with the wind of thunder
Your expression has no restrictions but is presented as one
The gift to us from God: our eternal sun.

So I must go to the other side
To see my golden ball rising behind the tide
So beautiful star you provide the heat and light
Your world is always peace and never might.

I bid you a found adieu as it is my way
That your expression to me is; 'have a good day'.

10-18-05 Aho Speaks.

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