Obsessed over since birth
The unexplained, subjective miracle
Knowing not of who to thank, but eternally thankful
A benevolent presence smothered in arms

Denouncing all known history
Living and loving in each ethereal second
Seldom projections of the future passage
A blissfully narrowed gaze

Sheltered in prepubescent warmth
No subjection to danger
Unrushed, unravelling of the inner canvas
Vivacious, vibrant, eminent

The evolution gawked with enchantment
A precious stillness, overwhelmed by pleasure
Made breathless by the very creation
Relishing the changing era

Soul maintained in unison
Avoiding psychotropic delusions
Emotions too robust
Nature bestowing opium

The departing of the joyful imminent
Sublime becomes superfluous
Morbid, moribund, mournful
This elation, never again so extreme

by Niam Dodd

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