LMC (05/11/1985 / India)

Momentous Appeal

First moment of silent despair,
Second moment of a splendid fare;
Third moment of a winning game lost,
Fourth moment of a lost battle fought.

Moments speak in the unison,
Smile in a way there’s no succession;
Together are when the moments of grief and joy,
Why not live the life holding both in a new creation.

What’s the way you want to walk?
And what’s the destiny you want to reach?
What’s it you want to achieve?
And what’s it that is worth loosing?

Life is worth living when it’s made of feelings,
When it has mixtures of emotions;
When there is hope of smile after a tear,
And when there is ray of success after a failure.

Moments speak the way to live,
Every moment can be a book to read;
The way of living which a moment can teach,
And to succeed which the failures can lead.

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A good start with a nice poem, laksh my. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.