The bright flowers at day
it makes me and you gay
all those colours that shine
are they eight or nine?
moments spread and withdraw
just like all growing flowers
in summer and winter
'we will get tall like this'
this always makes you remember
all what you've done
not only at present
but at childhood
we will build a house
and our child-plays always give symbols
our neighbours we say
'these children are back;
back from school'
these moments are for temporal permanence

it starts to seem like nothing
but imagination now
just as if i had watched
a movie in my heart
and now telling the story
in my head
but i'm no longer a kid
no more pure fantasy
no more forgetting to eat food
when play will make you forget.
Perfect memories!
No more gasping for Christmas cloth(es)
(really grinning now?)
children all have the same memories
you won't try to say no
whether you are black or white
all past but now in memory

Moments are all having
joint partnwrship
take a seat and relax
it's either you are sad or happy
happiness and sadness belong to
a segment in moment
put on the electronics
watch a movie and laugh
alone or in company
whether you like it or not
you always chew moment
bit by bit or in full portion

moment is the wind
that blows from all cardinal points
moments have no end
i put a halt to this
still, they come day by day in series
a halt only for you
to keep on adding your own.

by Emmanuel Adekunle

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