(22.11.1944 / Nottingham, England/live in Australia)


Words flutter by us,
Caught in their moments,
Words sent to try us,
‘Loss' and ‘Elopements',
Some may inspire us,
Others may burn,
Once they decry us
They never return

Some were left out there,
When I was young,
Caught in the frost where
My youth was undone.
Some may pass by me
More often, and then,
Echo in silence and
Drip from my pen.

Where do they float to,
That is the mystery,
Some learnt by rote to
Be writ in each history,
Others elude us but
Catch at our breath,
Slide in our coffins and
Hound us to death.

While we are ever
Living and breathing,
Some words should never
Be heard, one is ‘Leaving',
Three words are only
Both honest and true,
Should one be left lonely,
And those, ‘I love you.'

David Lewis Paget

by David Lewis Paget

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Hi, David, thank you for sharing this poem.
David, such a lovely poem...10+++++