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Summer In Calcutta
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Summer In Calcutta

Poem By Kamala Das

Who has not had those moments.
The ones reminisced.
Flowing over with wishes,
Of having made...
Different decisions.
Yet to brave the paying debts,
Of those consequences...
In embarrassing tears.
And unhidden regret.
Remaining engraved in the mind.
Framed to exhibit.
With thoughts to review,
At anytime.
Who has not had those moments.

Who has not had those moments.
When sickening disappointments,
Arrive to visit unannounced.
To then comfortably sit,
With memories heard...
What parents once said,
Coming out to 'then' ignore.
But not anymore.
Who has not had those moments.

Who has yet not had,
Those moments to be grateful.
That kept faith helped remove,
Feelings of guilt.
And forgiving one's self,
For burning bridges built.
To accuse and blame,
The doing on someone else.

Who hasn't had those moments,
To be served and chew on...
Unflavored funky crow.
That lowers the nose.
And bows one's head.
Remembering everything ignorant
To others...
One should have never but did,
To them once said.

Who has yet not been on knees,
Pleading from God to be, Forgiven...
For expressing complete, Stupidity.
To believe God not to know...
Who and who doesn't have,
A long way to go...
Before they understand,
The effects and meaning...
Of being blessed.
The moments are learned to earn
And don't come easy.

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