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Moments are but a speck
in the scheme of eternity
The past is gone so fast
and the future hold uncertainty

Moments paint a picture
but my mind is way too small
I find it very hard
to understand it all

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Those who love you know how important you are in their world. Great poem.
JoAnn, I agree with your wonderful words here. Moments do move to quickly in the scheme of thinks. Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts. David
I think none of us can figure it all out So I guess the best we can do is to hold on to the good moments and the memories while believing there is a reason for everything that one day we will know....marci.xo
Moments in life is something worth keeping to cherished the happy moments spent with love ones. It may be gone so fast yet those moments brought joy, while the future maybe uncertain yet it is worth waiting for joy can come at any moment. Good thought.
Moments come and moments go, but the picture you paint always grows...