! Moments

How many moments stand out in your mind
As heart-stopping moments truly defined
By all that you wish for, your hopes and your dreams
Those moments created by magic, it seems
They give your life meaning, true passion and zest
Those ones you remember above all the rest;

Acknowledge those moments - remember them well
For they hold the stories experience tells
Your life is a tapestry woven each day
By each precious moment that life brings your way
Whenever you're weary and put to the test
Remember those moments and know you've been blessed.

For Max - Happy Birthday!


by Linda Ori

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great moments with full of love and care, thanks for sharing those glorious moments,10.
This is great Linda - moments indeed. In the theatre, we refer to theatrical 'moments' when the audience is absolutely still and you can hold a pause for what seems like minutes, or in the cinema when the house is hushed and not a bag of chips rustles. I often use the metaphor of stepping stones to define such moments - either good or bad - that are never forgetten. I suppose those who talk about near death experiences are reliving their 'moments' in the few seconds when they hang in the balance. You see, you've really made me think - and that's what poetry is suppose to do, eh? Great read. Well written. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you for this...it touched me.
Our memories, (as we walk through life) ...are all we have...for that is all Time allows us, as it never stops...and subsequently, each moment passed becomes a new memory...and so on & on....It's those special, magic moments, that you SO eloquently express in this fine work....that have the ignition, and power to allow you to embrace.....and it is these moments/memories that enable us to continue to revel in these stored, special moments that have passed.It is, in fact, a coping, and closure vehicle in the dealing and accepting of Death, and Loss.....Excellent work, Midnight...You Do Rock-On! F j R ````
A truly wonderful poem Linda! You 'said it all' here in this write! ! A great share! *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad
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