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Poem By Kay Davies

Look into my eyes they're the windows of my soul.
Sit beside me hold my hands and you will never know
All of my emotions are buried deep inside
I've tried to release them, but they somehow run and hide. Echoes of laughter that we shared in the past
Haunting my mind "oh" I wish it would last
Time rushes by. I've often heard them say.
One blink of my eyelids and it's all gone away. Make every second, minute, hour of every day
last for eternity don't let it slip away
Grab it with both hands really hold on tight
And make another memory, hold on to me tonight. Wonderous Creation Lying here beneath the great big old oak tree
Peering through the branches, with its leaves of emerald green
Soaring high above me are birds on the wing
Listen to them chatter as they all begin to sing As I leave the oak tree, I walk upon the grass
Look at this creation, with its colour, and its vast.
Stroll along the meadows, watch the lambs at play
And lock away the memory, to recall another day.

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