Moments Following Death

I observe from my place at heavens gate,
What fools be the petty mortals below,
Fussing about trivial matters,
Of which heavenly have no consequences.

I sit outside the final gateway,
Watching the days of my life fall apart like pages of an old book,
The rest of my life seems to hang in a balance,
A balance that lately has not been in my favour.

For my whole life religion I be so blind,
Turned my back when people needed me most,
I was too self-absorbed in my own majesty,
To notice the world was passing me by.

Now I stand to meet my maker,
The Majesty, the Messiah, the holy hand guiding our lives,
Will he be kind, will he be cruel,
Soon I will find out when finally I see with my own eyes the almighty force behind you and me.

by Thomas Vaudin

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That is..... really uplifting. A great depiction of judgement and the anticipation of meeting Jesus and God. ^_^ cool. ~Yams