DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Moments, Moments

The look of the moon
A breeze in the still of the night
Are moments becoming memory, soon
Just like the past tears that I’ve cried

The look on your face,
When all my words are revealed to be a lies
But I need you to take a moment to slow the pace
Lies they where but from truths I could not confide

I said I needed you; it was a feeling told true
A feeling felt so deep, a feeling that felt a bond
But believe me the feeling of my love was strong
But the feeling I was holding was wrong

A moment without you is a decade apart
A moment together was an hour alone
Heart breaking, my soul torn apart
I knew who I was but failed to let it show,

We had seconds, minute’s and hours of hope
I was there you was there, moments, moments
Of loving flair, left me needing it to stop
As I was spinning spiraling and falling from my top

But precious moments like the moon on a clear night,
Shining through me show me my wrongs,
I cannot correct them but they never move on, regrets.
But the curse of the mind is that I can never forget

Moments are what make our lives good and bad
It’s the same song; moments of hearing along
Whispers of love, deceits and wrongs, heart break mind state
Are moments that make us strong?

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