Moments Of Joy

When we were young
simple things,
an unexpected trip to the fair
Grandparents visiting..what did you bring us?
Birthdays and swimming trips,
friends with a new puppy...yes, you may pick her up

And the adolescent years
new make up and Valentines Day
(How many did you get?)
Fumbled kisses, sneaky smokes
and last minute house parties

Forward in time...Hey! not so fast,
White weddings, black divorces
Looking deep into your baby's eyes
Taking the stabiliser wheels off
Kissing the baddies better

And on, ever on..
school sports days...oh..isn't he fast?
cool, Mum, your hair looks nice
(wow, I'm not invisible then)
Driving tests passed, foreign languages accomplished

And here I sit
waiting for the next chapter
feeling life truly hugging me
watching with pride
my life, my moment of joy

by Jazzy Davies

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I like this very much. And you don't linger and lament how fast the time has flown away. I did and do. Thanks for a great poem. H