Moments Of Life

In our lives there are certain moments that shape our destiny
Moments that ring around in a vast space
You hear their echoes chiming now coming far away from the past
Moments like beads in a long string each a reminder of an event
Our birth and passing are moments we never recognize
The moments of life are full of anguish and happiness
of trying times, sadness, triumphs and defeats
In our daily lives moments can pass so slowly and painfully
Waiting to know after all what they will unfold?
For a moment waiting for a baby to be born healthy and bouncing
For a child to go to school for the first time
For passing or failing hard exam in school to know the score?
For getting a job you apply to with lot or winning a competition
for job promotion you are seeking and hoping for
For tense moments at the doctor office
We can hear good news or bad ones that may change the rest of our lives
of an illness, disease or troublesome health laboratory report
In court of law waiting for the moment of judge verdict
For a business outcome of a success or failure
In love and marriage, a nod a very special moment
In all our lives we wait for these special moments
they can be tense and hurtful
the outcome can be pleasant
Moments to unfold telling us what will happen?
Moments that will turn our lives around
Moments that will change our future

by Sherif Monem

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