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Moments Of Their Mourning
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Moments Of Their Mourning

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The biggest honor you can bestow,
On someone deceased.
Is to participate,
If asked to speak...
During their homegoing service.

You may not believe,
You have this skill or ability!
But someone saw it in you.
That's why you were approached...
To deliver inspiration.
Only in the way that you can do.

Bringing somewhat of a closure,
To those in heartbreak exposing grief.
Your words will lift them up and away...
And relieve them from their agony.

With an effectiveness,
That can and will assist...
To bring them in memory,
Of those happy times that existed.
And it was felt,
That only you would be able to do this...
To ease them during this period,
In which loved ones are certain to mourn.

And you need to be there...
Aware and sharing,
In moments of their mourning.

Dedicated to...
My sister Andrea (Mimmie) D. Pertillar Dixon.

These words were spoken to her daughter Shayla,
My niece.
Who felt she could not speak,
During a funeral in 'celebrating' the life...
And not the death of a close friend.

'Mimmie? What can I say?
I 'had' to lift this conversation.
I hope you realize how great your comments made
to Shayla, inspired me as well.
I may be biased!
You are one terrific person.
I may be one of the writers in the family.
You sure know how to deliver the right words.
And at the right time and place.'

Love you,

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