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Moments Slip...

Moments Slip...

Moments slip like grains of sand
falling in your minute glass.
Some memories forgotten now
never to be recalled again.
Anger and fear of wanting...
...but not knowing what.
Frustration your only friend.

I cry at night knowing you will only decline.
And pray for swift repress of mind
so joy will return to see a face
even if you don't remember the name.

(for Dad)

19 April 2008

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My Friend my heart goes out to you, it's hard watching some one you love fade into a child like state, my dad is the same way, not quite as bad yet but he is getting that way, believe me I understand... Andy 10
Lil sis, I see the low voter has struck you again. Such a sad mind they have. This is such a beautiful poem and my heart goes out to you because I know it is so true. It is sad when you see someone slip away like this. My brother-in-law has the same complaint and its tragic seeing the mind once so alert fade into confusion. Top marks and thanks for sharing this beautiful and poignant poem. Big Bruv