Moments That Make Up My Day

a black night falls once again
but all i feel is blue
i have the same nagging feeling
there's something i forgot to do

i pretend not to notice
like a mirror it stares back at me
should i get in my car and drive
but there's nowhere i need to be

there's nothing on tv
i guess i should go to bed
i can't shake this feeling
too many thought's are in my head

should i find something to read
maybe i'll get a bite to eat
my hunger will be satisified
but i'll still feel incomplete

there's no one to talk with, this hour of the night
to wake someone out of boredom, would'nt be right
i could go to the store or i could write a letter
there's nothing i can think of that would make me feel better

all this thinking has made me tired
i guess i'll sit down for a moment or two
quietly i'll reflect on my day
was there something i forgot to do

by kendyll brown

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