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Moments That Matter
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Moments That Matter

Poem By Beth Nynas Abbate

Little girl, little girl, Where have you gone?
No more carousels with beautiful songs.
Giggles and tears fading away.
Tell me what happened to yesterday. Little girl, big girl, What path will you choose
Watch for the rocks, some will come loose.
No right or wrong in the chances you take.
Only one trip you're allowed to make. Big girl, woman, The lines on your face.
Show the birth of your child, life's embrace.
Take her hand and show her the way.
Walk her now, through yesterday.
The trees are the same and the house still stands.
But yesterday can't be changed to fit today's plans. Today the rocking chair sits and waits
For the grandmother who is through the gate.
To set the child on her favorite side
Of the painted ponies on the carousel ride. Experience the love through laughter and tears.
Through good and bad we face the years.
The choices we take bring us here.
To the child's heart we love so dear. Around and around the carousel for life.
Treasured moments of wishful delight.
A child, a girl, a woman, a grandmother's life.
Filled with beautiful songs and carousel rides.

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