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Moments With You My Love...
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Moments With You My Love...

Moments come, moments go-
some stay, some fade away-
some remain to be cherished all the way-
some you wished to forget the very day,
but don't go away and tend to stay the stay

a few that were all but gay;
a few that brought a ray
of hope in your way
and kept you in the fray;
some that led you astray
and kept you at bay-
moments they are gay or gray,
some tend to stay the stay,
some sway and fade away

moments that I have spent with you,
be they gay or gray,
will tend to stay the stay-
as the way i love you is
as deep as the sea's blae-
eternal, everlasting, aye
and pure as a prayers pray

- to my love...

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