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Momma-Appreciate Everything You Do

man you play yo part
very, very well
sorry if i eva broke yo heart
days getting harder & harder
but hope we neva be apart
gone do all i can in school
yes, i am kinda smart
hope i get a scholarship
and go to college
so you don't have to pay
all the way
so far this sounds like it's about me
but let me tell you what i say
yeah, i know we have the ups & downs
but you don't disaper like them
you do stay around
taking us out of town
doing everything you can
putting up with us
plus you ain't got no hands
well you got some hands
but not a helping hand
they could be doing betta
instead you da one
bringing in da bread and da cheddar
today is yo day
dispite the stuff i do
i really do appreciate you
the one the only

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Aaww, I'm sure she knows how you feel. If she doesn't just let her read thatpoem and she'll know how you feel. That poem was caring and beautiful!