Momma Love

When momma walk us down does mean streets
in the hood, Every one knew we were a family,

Even though Dad was missing in action,
I cannot recall was it jail or another family.

I would always tell mama I ‘d. be better than that.
If I ever have a family.

She would smile, just saying to me
God gives only one moment at a time,
take it slow and
Know what your moment means.

Still we never complain, cause everything
we ever wanted Mama seemed to get,
even though

She never finished school,
cause that’s when she had me!

And shortly after the rest of us came
like stair steps Seven in all,
Momma, kept on doing

The best she could, teaching us respect
and the Golden Rule.

Sometimes in her eyes disapproval showed
when one of us fail
to keep up pride
that she raise In us;

She was good looking and all that,
many would be lovers came
and left when Momma told

Them it’s a package deal,
you take the family and be a Dad
or nothing would be.

Sometimes rejection came, still
Momma so strong
thanking God all the times,

For the love in each one her children
growing so healthy and strong.

Soon after the time day come
when someone enters Momma’s life
so strong and true,
Daddy we said and the love he gave showed
the time he took to allowed us to grow.

Looking back over the years,
I realized he made us so complete
only cause Momma kept the
Faith kept us as a Family.
thank you Momma for your love
your children will always love you
and your love is alive in our heart

© George(Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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