Momma, Said

Momma, said I always fed vampires
That my heart was always living a half lie
Momma said my footsteps always trod
On unexploded, landmines.

Momma said no matter the pain
Never shed a tear, never cry
Momma, said even if you feel like a hurricane
Just you keep your roof on & turn like a weathervane.

Momma said I should bite my tongue don't profane!
A man isn't worth building a drystone wall
A man isn't worth chicaning your heart for …
Find the right one & drive through that wall.

Momma said I always take in rattlesnakes
Momma, shakes her head says haven't you got any pride
Momma, I love you but haven't you made mistakes too
Momma, I love you. Momma, I love you.
Momma, I love you. Do you momma, love me too.

by Mark Heathcote

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