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AN (July 28,1993 / Doctors Hospital)


Poem By Ashley Nay

Mommy Where Could You Be?
Your So Strung Out On Crack You Can't See
What It Has Done To Me
Mommy How I Want You In My Life
But Your Always So High
So I Let Go A Slow Deep Sigh
And Wish It Was A Lie
While You Fry Your Brain Cells
I'll Just Sit Here And Cry
I Pray That Maybe One Day
You Will Open Your Eyes And See,
See What It Has Done To Me
Mommy Do You Care?
Life Is So Unfair
Mommy I Hope You Know I Do Care
And So I Will Pray For You
And Wish That Life Was Fair

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girl that one is harsh but it is the truth i will help u prey for her if you whant me 2 girl i love u