WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)


Loosing perspective, loosing sight
My heart wrenches at the agonising grief
Shedding tears at the reluctance to die
Oh, where did all the time go?

Looking back in time, wishing back the time
Resigned to the despair, let it all out
Succumbing to the pain, let it all out

Shed the seas, shed the rivers
Let the mountain overflow and melt
Uncontainable is my love

Reaching out to the one hand
As despair creeps and fill the insides
The wretchedness leave one by one
Each saying their goodbyes
And me squalling them out.

Oh, mommy, mommy
You’ll always be my dearest
Just when hopelessness wins over
You come and make it good

My saviour and longtime friend
You’re my pillar and foundation
You bear with me and carry me
Through the best and through the worst.

I once was your drive
You are now mine
Let us cheer the past
And face the future
Thanks for being with me
I’ll always need you.

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