There's a name I always wanted to have
Since I was a little girl.
I dreamed of having one or two
With brown eyes and hair with curls.

Sometimes we don't get what we want
Or what we think we need
But somewhere there's a child out there
Who needs someone like me.

I want to pick you up when you fall down
And put a band aid on your knees
I want to dry your tiny tears
And rock you til you fall asleep.

Someday soon I hope we meet
And you can come to your new home,
There's so much love in these four walls
You will never be alone.

I've been waiting for the day
For oh so very long
The first time I will hear that word
Thanks for being my Mom.

So I promise you today,
My heart is yours forever.
I want to hear your little feet
The pitter patter I will always remember.

by Debbie Peterson

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