Mommy Look!

Mommy look! See what I see.
Not much to you, but new to me. What's that? What makes it go?
You know Mommy, 'cause you're so old. What's in there Mommy? I want to see.
I can't reach it I'm only three. Watch Mommy! Look what I can do
Come on Mommy, you can do it too. Tie my shoes, let's go outside
You seek Mommy, I want to hide. Mommy, I'm hungry and thirsty too.
Let me make it, I'll help you. What's that Mommy? You need a nap.
Just let me climb up on your lap. Let me lay my head on your chest,
And you tell the stories I like best. And I'll close my eyes for a minute or two.
What's that Mommy? Oh! I love you too.

by Molly Burgan

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