Mommy's Vase

I was young and didn’t want the pain
Mommy’s hand was strong and I had broke the vase
Not knowing what was right I told mommy a lie
Mommy loved me but, said we couldn’t blame
Bare skin and a loud scream, mommy had punished me
Mommy said only bad people lied
All my thoughts a float I was but, a child of five
I couldn’t understand why mommy was mad
Mommy had told me once that daddy had died
But dying wasn’t a word that I knew
Mommy said daddy had bought that vase
Mommy’s tears were steaming upon her face
I had broke mommy’s heart that laid in that vase
She said she just couldn’t take it
I heard the door slam
And I sat alone
A loud scream and mommy’s blood was all over the floor
Mommy was hurt?
I laid on her and promised to never lie
But, mommy didn’t move through the whole night
She laid there and simply bled
And I fell asleep on her warm silent chest
Morning time came and I awoke in someone’s bed
Grandma said mommy was dead
Only bad people lie and I killed mommy that night
But, grandma said mommy died only because she could deal with life

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Devastating story, Victoria. What terrible things weigh on children and stay with them for ever. Your child's voice is very affecting.