(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mona Lisa’s Smile

She has a mysterious smile
Folks wonder what it means
It’s been written in the text books
And envisioned in some dreams

Nat King Cole crooned a song
About Mona Lisa’s smile
Folks have wondered curiously
And studied her awhile

Did she smile because of love?
That wistful little grin
A thought perhaps in her mind
As she remembered him?

Did her face appear in a dream
Her talented artist had one night?
Or was it, in fact, the face of the man
Who sketched his own mirrored sight?

Of course no one will ever know
The true story of the smile
But it’s great fun, don’t you think?
For she truly could beguile!

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The message of this poem may be that 'no one will ever know' the true intention behind artists's creations and thus to unlock the hidden mysteries behind artworks, the viewer must use their subjective interpretation. It is an amusing activity to ponder the pretext for Mona Lisa's smile, yet we will never know the true intention for her smile and thus this creates an agog and for-everlasting longing in our minds that will never be deciphered.
Indeed, indeed. A lovely rendering of the Mona Lisa story. Only a great artist could have painted such an enigma. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
A captivating poem about a lady who has certainly inspired curiosity throughout the ages. Great poem! I think that her smile was not that of one It is a smile that is the total of a sum Her beguiling smile intrigues everyone It reminds them of a special someone
Her smile surely was beguiling Marilyn! Beautifully written poem thank you! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad
It is intriging Mona Lisa's smile, I think she was a little shy, nice poem Marilyn, best wishes Lynda