In tonight's tranquil silence
With soft spoken melodies of the cool spring season
With enchanting verses, with reflecting melodies
A garland is made to coronate the next living planet.
Down and down to the hemisphere of the universe
Star foretells - cool breeze blows
Same old words vibrate in the atoms of the atmosphere
Echoes during season, after season.
When eastern water from the Indian Ocean flooded all the historic coasts
Myth began - fossils faded away
As those astronauts have crossed another infinite distance
My ancestors have reconstructed violet Picasso forms.
Beauty rests behind those green meadows, where
Dark desert freezes - Wild faunas fly
Where holy women pray over all golden beaches
Music waves meet the azure of your sky.
When the little prince will search his way to the next planet
Galaxies will glitter - fair maidens will sigh
When incense will spread from all celestial cells
Other earths will create, other oceans will smile.

by Mandira Ghosh

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