(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


That butterfly I knew.
Pretending to be just a caterpillar...
With nothing else to do.
Crawling upon a branch,
And on leafs I saw it chew.
I watched this masquerade...
And stayed focused on it too!
That butterfly I knew,
Then tried to hide itself...
Inside a cocoon!

That butterfly I knew...
Inside that cocoon grew.
I saw a wing of beauty appear.
With designs of color too!
Did I imagine this in sleep?
Is that caterpillar pulling on me...
Some magical trick or treat?
And then it winked at me and flew away.
As if to say to me in flight...
'I wish I had your time,
With nothing else on my mind...
But to sit and contemplate on ways,
On how to waste my days and life!
I've got things to get done and do.
Do you? '
And this Monarch,
Away flew!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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