Wedgewood is now past its time
The Economist prefers Melamine
On a silver salver why serve tea
Tea-bags in a mug are better for me
Your opinion is now well-known
Light on magic has been thrown
Alas, Royals are human too
Quite like me, or like you
Charleses two and Williams past
Would now be the very last
Of their name in this game
Now that Majesty's not the same
Any journalist, two-pence worth
Can make us roll in mirth
At Charles' ears or Diana's dears
And that time now quickly nears
When we'll proudly declare
President Jenkins, President Blair
And tho' no Royals match her
Our very own President Thatcher
Britain'll soon be totally free
No more Kings or Queens for me
I long to sing, my countrymen
Long live President Patten

Inspiration is to our west
Their system may be best
See the gems they've appointed
While only Royals we annointed
If we follow what they do
We can have our Nixon too
All our Royals I'd barter
For a Bush or a Carter
Useless is a philosopher King
If we can have just any thing
Our O'Reagan, for that matter
Nodding on a plastic platter

Let us not forget the East
Mystic delights, spiritual feast
Ah, what joy it would bring
To have our own President Singh

I think it'd be most sinister
If then, Windsor, Charles, Mister
Or his dear do-good sister
Got elected Prime Minister!

With reference to an article in the Economist

by Kishore Asthana

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