When I

Poem By bianca briones

The hustle and bustle of the weekend is gone.
The kids are in bed and I am up alone.
There are clothes to lay out and things I must do
For tomorrow again we are off to work and school.
Monday is a day I hate to see coming.
I would rather turn over in bed and keep slumbering.
My boss is a bitch and I'm never on time.
To turn off the alarm would suit me just fine.
My co-workers are a sad lot and I am still tired.
I must get busy before I get fired.
My desk is a mess and my schedule behind.
To get to the copier I must stand in line.
Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are much too short.
I'm thankful I have just finished my daily report.
Five o'clock is here and I am on my way.
Thank God I made it through another blue monday.

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Wilma I am a fan well done
Wow wilmar This is a good poem, keep it up

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