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Monday Morning In My House
WD (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

Monday Morning In My House

Poem By Wesongah David

Riiiiiiiing riiiiing,
There goes the alarm,
Ahhh! ! ! our tired yawns as we open an eye,
Then the other later.

'Dearie, wake up the children'
There shouts my wife without the slightest decorum.
'Who left the water tap running? '
'Have you seen my toothbrush? '
And I wait for my cuppa' coffee,

'Who did my shoes this shoddy? '
'My watch was just here right now'
'Honey, we'll be late, '
'Am checking my hair darling, a minute, '
God-its' been an hour and a half behind the mirror,
Kids dressed for school start dozing off,
I cough a tad too loud and artificial,
'Just a second honey! ', comes the intonation.

Clang! ! clang! ! ! ! !
The house help drops utensils in the kitchen,
I curse under my breath watching the kids,
Just in case I become a poor influence-God forbid.
Half past seven,
'Daddy, kiddy stole my dolly marion'
'Ok! huge mouth, am a boy, what would I do with a doll? '
'Ok. Ok.' There goes me.
Promise new dolls and a football-calm restored.

Ten to eight,
The car won't just start,
It is a Monday morning in my house!

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