Full Of Life, Now

FULL of life, now, compact, visible,
I, forty years old the Eighty-third Year of The States,
To one a century hence, or any number of centuries hence,
To you, yet unborn, these, seeking you.

When you read these, I, that was visible, am become invisible;
Now it is you, compact, visible, realizing my poems, seeking me;
Fancying how happy you were, if I could be with you, and become your
Be it as if I were with you. (Be not too certain but I am now with

by Walt Whitman

Comments (21)

truth sings and whistles its own tunes
A wonderful poem yet again.
Such beauty and insight, so far beyond the self-referential whimpering which masquerades as poetry today.
.............for me these are the beautiful lines in this write...enjoyed.. ~ if only you could see how heaven pulls earth into its arms and how infinitely the heart expands to claim this world, blue vapor without end. ~
Beautiful words which invoke beautiful pictures for the mind! A truly brilliant write!
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