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Monetary Freedom

I saw you lying there on the ground
Were you waiting to just be found,
Many pedestrians I saw pass you by
But, this time, not I.
Now, I can buy.

Like a woman, you're a temptation and a tease
Just to see how quickly that you can please,
Finally for once I won't be a window shopper
I now can walk past any store, both proud and proper.

I quickly came and I scooped you up
As though placing a minnow into a plastic cup,
Into my pocket you then quickly went
Then I thought, were you heaven or hell sent?
Quickly I was elevated to a different standing
I now felt both mighty, and commanding,
Off to buy me a gift that I really don't need
Instead of using it for bills, or for food to feed.

I then thought how lucky that I truly am
Some people get bacon, but I got the lamb,
Like a butterfly to a higher social status I did emerge
I could finally purchase, and frivolously splurge.

I leisurely passed by a favorite store
Beside it was standing a person who was poor,
I know that his life and that his dreams are probably dim
So, my newly found gift, I tossed it to him.
His future now it is my prelim.

Randy L. McClave

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Beautifully written...and the ending brings a smile to my face :) Lol I can't resiat but...you were the sugar in the coffee that made that persons life sweeter that morning :)