Of all commodities where on Planet Earth are available,
Money is unique - tho small and lean tis very durable;
From hand to hand it goes, never gets tired always strong,
Stacked with its kind for sometime but not for long.

Even when it's torn and worn out it never depreciates.
It's value remains the same whatever price it dictates;
Some people love it, others want it and everybody needs it.
Life's temporal and perishable necessities it can meet.

As a present it's never returned for replacement
It's always the right size for anyone in any event;
Though multiples of it are received on a given occasion.
None duplicates the other that needs substitution.

It is said that the best things in life are free,
Those who love the Lord have no love for money;
Since money represents only what it can buy,
The priceless our Lord provides as we see eye to eye.

by Emmanuel G. DelRosario

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