Question: Money, Money what can you do?

Whatever you want I can do,
Whatever I can do what you can't even imagine to do.

I can break a loved one in to enemy.
A husband and wife can fight for me..

Brother may fight forever..
Family can divide into pieces forever...

Question: Money, Money what can you do?

A person can run he would be legless,
A person can sing he would be speechless.

I can make a richest one a beggar...
I can make a innocent to a killer...

Question: money what else you can do?

I can make a desert as a river,
A green forest can be a desert,

A dog can sleep in the eleventh floor AC room
A human can sleep on street, with cold and hot weather without any room,

Question: why don't do any welfare?

I can be used as per my owner's feel
I can a feed a beggar with a good meal

If anyone can use me in a good way,
I may clear all the huddles and make a golden way,

by sakalabaktula sairaj

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