RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)


Dear Reggie
don't be fooled
don't let the fiscal prowess
of their marketing schemes
skew your dreams
don't let your vise to save
to build and change
your planet be swayed
don't let the long legs
or straight hair
or asian eyes
disguise the mess inside
they are not better
wetter, smoother
or more brutal than
your ill ideas on your worst

Please young man
stay strong
you've heard Kanye
and Jay-Z and Nas
all in the cipher speaking
hard about what money did
how they
smoked it, drank it
fucked it, was seduced by it
and then
in the end

Reginald, the lessons of your father
the blessings of your mother
the many people who prayed
each and every day
for your life to be full
of sweet tomorrows
and long lasting smiles
like the warm taste you leave
in those people's mouths
when you speak passion
standing before them
about race
faces and dance steps
oh Reginald, dear Reggie
my Reggie, the little boy
who won't age nor be annoyed
the one who gets angry slow
and is happy so quickly
the one who understands Pi
and the essence of every

Don't die in the green flame
don't let the dollar tame
your spirit
your ability to feel and not
not shit
not shun
get it all done
be wise when you are blessed
take that money
and do not rest
do not perform evil
lustful diminutive acts
just pay your tax
your dues
to the dream
the grand
the mother
the father
and Great Jehovah

Dear Nukoo, you know
this money game
won't allow your soul
to grow...let it go!

by Reginald Goodridge

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