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Poem By Bernadette Maria Thompson

Money is survival
Money is nice
to have
but if your not
careful it can
become your God
without you realizing
money is loaned
to us, just has
your life is

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WHEN WILL ABOLISHING MONEY BE TODAY'S GOAL IN POLITICS? WHEN WILL ABOLISHING MONEY BE THE ACCLAIMED GOAL OF CONTEMPORARY POLITICS? A HAPPY WORLD IN THE MAKING - if YOU & I WISHED so & were getting into A MOTION sooner than later. Do you know, my friend, that a certain rock band got paid 7 million pounds for having their hit used in Windows commercials? Why wouldn't they sometime start up themselves musing & rocking about a world finally without the money instead of simply inflating their already enlarged egos further at the expense of the vanity in the strife of their ordinary fans in the build-up of financial capability which yet to each & every one of us down here generally is so essential a part of life in the surviving of the relentless control of our elements and energies by the networking classes of ruling men? How deplorable it is that human beings have not yet reached that state of animalhood where all, humans & and animals alike, were freely sharing all needs with all others wisely without having to resort to a mean medium of humiliating money, as the other brother & sister partners in life on this globe have, even they're all claimed to be of lesser intelligence than we humans, ever felt happy and free in so doing, and among whom not a single killing of a another being has ever been reported as happening over that business of sharing. Earthlings' creation MONEY is in the end a tremendous values-politicizing power-pop-up-medium being possessed and amassed first of all by weaklings in the fields of fruit-bringing action - even they might be called millionaires, weaklings still they are - and poses as such an ugly thing that ought to be eventually overcome on this globe of hope. Intelligent rock bands should now get into producing songs about a human race who is to evolve into living together hand in hand truly for the first time ever since distant Stone Ages - in a state where money as such will be made altogether redundant in global panvoluntaristic societies where everyone will be working together freely with everyone each according to their capacities - thus redeeming finally the joy of 'give & take' from its horrible bondage to money. Think about it, dear friend, and join in for the new all-out human drive. How is the world to exist without money - why can't humans be as clever as the animals and come to terms without money without killing each other over petty things? THE MOTTO of a totally revolutionized world order run without money is to be PANVOLUNTARISM. This means that everyone is voluntarily contributing one's personal share in maintaining the production and distribution of all consumer goods and cultural appliances. Everyone is in turn entitled to receive their necessities and fancy articles for free. Naturally before such a system can be workable comprehensive re-education and re-orientation programs on a grand scale must prepare people all around the world to win each and everyone's acceptancy and willingness to go along the new lines. A major key factor will be with the industrial manufacturing sector. Erstwhile competitor companies have to come to a consensus to stop the rat race of futile innovations but instead abide per type of product by a standard agreeable to all sorts of people. The different companies' product diversifications will then be concentrated solely on satisfying people's craving for distinguishing individualized designs & patterns of items. Those units of eventually upcoming pioneering scientific novelties that are time and again to bring about more human advancement and convenience to the masses may then initially be the admirable booty of televised contest winners at their first stage before the general replacement of the older model versions will follow in the wake of positive reports by the first batch of test users. This will serve people's need for entertainment as well as to make generally known the lurking innovations. The individuals' motivation to evolve and make use of their skills will not be anymore earmarked by a pride factor that is proclaiming its success basically in having been able to raise the envy of neighbours, friends and relatives, but solely by finding a deeper sense of satisfaction in being socially contributive to linking personal self-realization with the common well-being of all individuals & human communities. - Associate with well-mannered people and your manners will improve. Run with decent folk and your own decent instincts will be strengthened. Keep the company with bums and you will become a bum. Hang around with money people and you will end up by picking up the check and dying broke. - Dear contemporary! How many people, not only in your country but meanwhile all over the world today, would want to see the general social evolution of the whole global human community go the way that in the end an altogether new state of dealing with one another will be reached where money as such will have become a redundant thing of the past, its long and troublesome era only to be remembered in the history books. As a parameter of the dimension of such a total change in human life and, more importantly, to indicate thereby the feasible characteristics of a new money-free system that is virtually practicable, let us envision here as one example of a future state of things the following advertisement posting likely to be encountered in these happy days to come: 'Hello out there! I'm looking for work mates to share my top-notch salary-free job site within the professionally skilled..... sector? All returns of the personality-engaging community commitments, in accordance with the new global system of panvoluntarism, are 100% gratified for full gratis procuring of all consumer goods plus, of course, all prevailing fancy gears & gadgets of the day just for the taking at shop-4-free markets where, on top of all, they will also offer to you free passes into a variety of most popular raffle entries for the meanwhile globally participated televised show-down events which, sure thing, hold for all smart & lucky winners, after the public fun making is over, FREE OWNERSHIP OF AN ALL-OUT ADMIRED TOP-OF-THE-DAY APPLIANCE MODEL...? '? - The above projection should be enough to convey the idea of the type of society model we should want to promulgate. Money is obviously the root of all evil, and only when the world will have overcome the need for its greed, only then will we finally be assured of happy days to stay with us for good in the future. Let us now start working together with ideas and efforts to eventually achieve this truly new world order. AN ERA CAN BE SAID TO END WHEN ITS BASIC ILLUSIONS ARE EXHAUSTED - Either we'd embrace it or not. People'd better do. Imagine one day they'd discover another intelligently manned planet where they're all happily living without that horrifying devil of money! While here all these fools are saying it's totally out of the question to abolish money, only lunatics and kids could even think of such a thing to happen. But then, what about the animals here on Earth? ! Not one species of them ever extinguished because of lack of food and none of them ever had taken to violence in the face of food shortage, and all that without the use of money! This message corroborates the secret dream of the majority of all people and it is the pledge of the many, each to everyone, but first of all one directed to heads of states and their other leaders! Help, dear contemporary to make PANVOLUNTARISM known with them so that they will use their influential positions for the glorious end to be accomplished. And scatter 'the word' with the makers of popular music! Their participation in the emerging yet dreaded cause to drive out money worldwide could prove even more efficacious than any other social party's. LET US JOIN IN MIND AND JOIN OUR HANDS TO RE-INSTALL PARADISE BUT LET US MAKE IT THIS TIME BE AN EVERLASTING ONE BY STAMPING OUT NOW IN ADVANCE THE FATEFUL POISON SNAKE IN THE FORM OF MONEY