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Money: A Mystery

Money is such a mystery,
It can never be understood,
It has left many lives in jeopardy,
and has destroyed an amicable brotherhood.
A son has killed his father,
and a man his wife,
strangled lay a sister,
It has destroyed a family's life.
Numerous dreams have collapsed,
and many have missed their meals,
An individual's hope has been shattered,
Oh! How devastating that feels!
Souls are being sold,
Friendships are being broken,
Heartless lies are being told,
and humans are becoming downright rotten.
Tears of Agony have rolled from many a cheek,
and tempers have been tested,
Cheating on others is at its peak,
and Trust is being molested.
Why are people being so mean? ,
Is it just for Money? ? ,
How can a small rectangular piece of paper,
Conjure such a felony? ,
There goes my curiosity, unanswered,
and my mind takes upon itself the drudgery.
But remember dear Reader, that you have been questioned:
' What really is Money? ? '

by Ejay 1806

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