Why I Can'T Wait To The Enter New World And New Heaven

Why is it so hard to admit your falling in love these days?
I believe its hard because so many are afraid of falling in love with that one person you love.
Even if you were to find out that the one your in love with is also in love with you.
It makes things even more scary,
because your able to get your heart broken in unanswered ways.

Life shows me that its much easier to have lust then to make love after marriage.
In my pass I wasn't scared of any woman,
because love had nothing to do with it,
but as i fell in love it was also the first time over a woman whose still alive I cried.

Love is suppose to be good,
so somebody tell me why it can hurt a soul?
Why is lusting less effective?
Which one dose life believe in more love or lusting?

The bible states lusting kills your spirit,
then why dose it feel so good?
It also says making love after marriage is a blessing,
then why dose it hurt so much?
Without love my pass is calling on me to sin and with love comes confusion.

This is why I cant wait to enter the new world and new heaven.
Away from both this worlds love and lusting.
I rather sit beside Jesus.
Lord knows im fighting these love and lusting temptations until then.

Forgive us if we fall and hurt the Holy Spirit.
I wonder if the woman for me also feams for the new world and new heaven?
Sending messages of love threw sins to the sinners.
In Jesus name amen.

by raff rafael

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