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Money Tree
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Money Tree

Poem By tiyler durden

Twenty years ago
When I was 98 or so
I planted a money tree
This is a load of bullshit you see
I am wondering how far this can go
Before you know
I am real old

I wear man dypers
And some time shit my own self
I have to piss into a bag
I should shoot myself with a rifle

Anyway enough about me
Back to this imaginary money tree
Well it made me happy
Now I am poor
Living off state benefits and all
Hold on I need to piss into this bag again, see.

This rhyme was shit again you see
Because this was mostly about me
I can’t rhyme
Though I try all the time
But never mind
Maybe I can find
A gun and shoot myself in the face
So i can be wiped from the human race! ?

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Good to see your still in form Tyler Durd.......................Dave