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Money Tree
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Money Tree

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Ten years ago, in Tennessee
I grew myself a money tree.
The money came in all-green leaves
my shepherd kept away the thieves.
My dog supplied his droppings, too
I added, also, chicken poo.
The tree grew big and even bigger
it was a huge imposing figure.
And from the top you could make out
Jack Daniel's place, on Hilltop Route.
I cared for, watered my big tree
it did allow me to be free.
And in the year thereafter it
had little ones, I said 'oh shit'.
Today I have a whole plantation
by far the largest in the nation.
I am the richest in the land
my life is great and never bland.
This shows what honest work can do
I wouldn't think it is for you.

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Comments (7)

Oh Please, Herbert, can't you give us the secret of growing money? ? ? ? ? ? Oh welI, perhaps it's not such a good idea, but this was a super read. Thanks a lot. Love Ernestine.
Thank you for the smiles, Herbert - I was lost in this dream world you've created. Well done! Hugs to you, CJ
Hey I'll take some down here....they don't seem to grow very well here...lol
Herbert, your mind goes in many directions. THis is such a fun poem. Raynette
Okay, we can stand some more help. Bring your AllBran and psyllium husks. Room and board with the chauffeuse and the coiffeuse, but no Jack Daniels during working hours. Yeah, it's the soil my friend. H