The Tale Man

His tales descended on our senses
He told tales of
How a hunter's hand with ingenuity
Hauled down an elephant
With a mere pebble;
How the river in winter froze
Into a Python sleeping in the cold;
How eagles once ferried man
Like planes;
He told tales that rhymed
With him sitting beside God
During creation,
He told tales to get the sweetest
Of palm wine from unsuspecting folks.
These days
We know tales freely drop from
His head to fill a void
In his stomach
He told them to eke a living
In the land brimming with
Milk and honey.

by Tony Adah

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Money breeds money. Gathering interest, compounding daily. Always in circulation believed money is a great poem which is womb it need blood for grew therefor it is nice poem you read my poem swimming for Alert
Lovely splendid and beautiful
There should be one more stanza here that states how the incredible number of commercials constantly running on this site must provide poemhunter with quite a bit of money also. Poems keep the soul flowing, and cash keeps the world going.
A thoughtfully conceived meaningful poem unfolding the various traits of the money power.
Money makes the world go round what would we do without it? Good poem..thank you..
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